As A Catholic, I Am Proud To Lead a Muslim Muslim Ticket.

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” I was born a Catholic, baptized a Catholic and confirmed a Catholic. I went through missionary schools . I was given the highest award by the pope . I still hold that award , the highest Papal award , Knight of St Gregory ‘s the great. One day, if you want it, I will wear my uniform .

“I hold a Papal Night and as a Catholic, everything we do , we do it and send the advice to the Pope, the Pope has not told me that what I am doing is bad, to accept to be Director General . As Catholics, we take directives.

” As a governor of a state, I said as a governor of a state, I am not responsible to only my faith, I am responsible to other people who belong to other faiths who are not Muslims or Christians , that’s why I took an oath of office.

” Politics is a matter of interest, in every political party, you have both Muslims and Christians, in every political party, there’s opportunity for you to vote for a Christian or a Muslim . If you don’t want a Muslim, you wait until election when you will vote your choice. If you don’t want a Christian, you will go there and vote.

” I came back home ( after my appointment as DG) and CAN welcomed me at the airport, the next day, I addressed stakeholders of Plateau state and I told them why I am accepting and there was jubilation and all of them accepted.

“So if you see people talking about me rejecting, I have accepted already, it’s not an issue, I am a Christian, I said it and some people are misinterpreting it that I said I am not a Christian. I have accepted to lead the Tinubu Shettima presidential campaign.”_ Governor Simon Bako Lalong of Plateau state.

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