Stream Behind The Back Of Easter Medical Center Enugu: Where People Find Their Daily Bread.

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As the nation continues wallowing in economic crunches, many citizens venture in different economic activities to find their daily bread.

One of the areas is a stream from Agric base at Coal Camp Enugu, the stream passed through the back of Eastern Medical Center, followed the inside the Holy Ghost Cathedral Enugu without knowledge of its final destination.

Adadadareporters visited the scene and discovered that a lot of economic activities are going on their.

Emmanuel by his name is somebody that has benefited so much from the stream.

According to him, finding a house around this area brought an economic prosperity in my life .

“Here is a place I find what I use to take care of myself and my family. I depend on carrying out sand and gravel which I sale to make money.

You can see the block industry, it belongs to catholic diocese of Enugu, I’m the one supplying them sand they use to mould blocks especially this raining season.

You can see church in her wisdom financially established a block industry here the whole water they use to mould the blocks they draw it from the stream. You can see that they make a lot of profits.

He also said that it helps those who came to Enugu newly without residential home where they can have bath.

“Early in the morning, you see this jungle children rushing down the stream with soap and spunch to have bath.

Other activities that are going on their are: agricultural activities like planting of vegetables, maize and other agricultural activities during raining and dry season.

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