Rev. Fr. Dr. Ejike Camillus Mbaka is a voice ~ Fr. Peter Uche Onuoha

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Rev. Fr. Dr. Ejike Camillus Mbaka is a voice. He is the voice of the voiceless. He is very sacrificial. His nature is configured in mortification, zeal for souls, piety and Holy Fear. Fr Mbaka is a priest that occult men tremble when they hear his name and voice. The Kingdoms of darkness in Nigeria are not happy because he keeps emptying their kingdoms every blessed day. He spends hours before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. He is a priest with high moral integrity and values. He is a priest who believes in the Providential Map of God under the Divine Compass of the Holy Spirit. Fr Mbaka you are remembered daily in the Eucharistic Sacrifice, Adoration and the prayers of God’s Holy People are for you. You are the Jeremiah of our time. Jeremiah was under attack even from his own fellow kindred spirits. You are not the first neither will you be the last to be under a national attack. What you are passing through right now is a confirmation of God’s anointing upon your life. You are a special consecrated specie designated for a special mission. The anointing in you is mega and it is a ballistic missile to the under world. The problem you are suffering is not that you made a mistake but satanic envy and jealousy. Men of the underworld invaded this saga to score a cheap meaningless goal but the Holy Spirit of God will raise a standard against their evil plots. Your voice is a THUNDER that many don’t understand and the powers of the underworld quakes when hearing it. You must preach what God wants you to tell his people and not what the people want to hear. The pulpit is not for a joke. It is a place of declaring and preaching the word of God. I am happy that you are also praying for our youth president Obi. Whatever that happened is now a past none event. We are now in the present hoping to see a better future. We are praying for our beloved Bishop Onaga that the Holy Spirit of God will guide him properly over this issue. We chain and barricade every evil voice that is rooted in hatred, envy, jealousy and animosity that has the tendency of breeding confusion over this matter to remain quite. It is not how you feel about AMEN but how God through the Church feels about AMEN. I pray that our faith will not fail us. Those attacking Fr Mbaka to stop Adoration cannot even lead a prayer session in a Small Christian Community (SCC). We all know the truth and we should stop living in denial. They saw materialism but fail to see how many hours he kneels in Prayers and Adoration. They saw materialism but fail to see how he sought the face of God. They want his downfall and yet cannot do what God has destined him to do for him in this world. They condemned him because he spoke his mind but speak their own minds and enjoyed no condemnation. The kingdom of darkness is happy because they feel that God will never be worshipped again in AMEN. Listen to me you haters of God, God will be worshipped in truth and in spirit. If AMEN is of God, God will use the Holy Mother Church to protect it. I am seriously praying for the Church and our beloved Bishop Onaga that the Will of God will prevail and not the will of man. We silence every voice that doesn’t understand the will of God over AMEN and why that charism and spirituality were inspired in the first place to remain perpetually quite. Stay on your own lane. If you are gifted in singing then sing, if it is praying then pray, if it is evangelism then evangelize the world, if it is in prophecy then prophesy without fear of any man or woman. If you are gifted in speaking and praying in tongues then use it gladly. If it is in teaching then go and teach. Each and everyone of us is highly gifted. Fan your own gifts into flame. You must not allow your own gifts to be dormant and then you want every other person to be on the same dormant level with you. We should stop glorifying the devil by accrediting Holy Spirit manifestations to him. You who knows how to discern other people’s spiritual gifts discern yourself first and put your own into use. May God continue to be praised in the sacrificial life of Fr Mbaka. No anointing no attack. More anointing more attacks. Super anointing attracts super attacks. May God continue to bless his Church. The gates of hell can never prevail over His Church.

  1. Fr. Peter Uche Onuoha
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