High blood pressure is a silent killer- Dr. Ben

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A medica Dr. In Enugu state university teaching hospital Dr Ben said that High blood pressure known as HBP, has been described as one of the diseases that kills silently.

According to him, “It is a silent killer disease that happens in the heart.

He said that heart is divided into four chambers the left and right Atrium and left and right ventricle.

It can develop at anytime and most of the time it does not give the person any sign and that is the reason it is called “silent killer”.

According to him, Sometimes If the person go to investigation for xray you might not see it

“The normal blood pressure should be 100/80 milimitre mercury. When it is above that, the person can be said to be hypertensive.

“It has pre- hypertension and hypertension itself. Pre hypertension if discovered on time, drugs can be prescribed by an experts so that it does not escalate to hypertension.

He further said that if person is suffering from hypertension, the person might not be Carrying his or her daily activities very well.

“Because most often the heart might not be pumping blood on its own to upper and lower ventricle, the person will develop what is called “palpitations” that is breathing fast fast because the heart is congested.

“It will not be pumping blood very well due to the failure of heart muscles by then the blood will not be reaching all parts of the body, and because of that, blood that is congested in the heart will develop a kind of problem that will make it distended and when you go to xray you see a kind of distended vessel.

Asked what causes it, he said that the causes are multifarious. Number one is that “it is genetic”. make up of tissue or component that can run in a family just like other diseases it can be inherited.

Others are : Dietary factor like not taking vegetables, too much intake of salt especially raw one, smoking, excess intake of alcohol, living a sedentary life that is: Not exercising ones body, obesity and others.

“The disease cannot be cured, but It can be managed. One of the ways of managing it according to him is by going to regular check up, meeting an expert who can prescribe drugs.

Others are: Eating of balance diet, less intake of salt, stop smoking and drink less quantity of alcohol if possible, stop it entirely.

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