September 29, 2023


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Notorious motorcycle robber arrested in Ogun State

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The Ogun State Community Social Orientation and Safety Corps, codenamed ‘So Safe Corps’, has arrested a notorious motorcycle robber in Ogun. Office of the State Commander of the Agency, Commander-in-Chief Dr. Soji Ganzallo, through the Office of the Director of Information and Public Relations of the agency, stated in a statement that on June 30 around 11 reported on Mr. Lawal Kazeem that his missing motorcycle marked JBD 933 VZ was stolen from his farm land in Abapawa community, Ijebu Ojebu Ozeem.
Ganzalo said agency officials must be very prepared to prosecute those who committed the act and keep them under surveillance. He disclosed that on July 19, two middle-aged men, 25-year-old Okoro Ogudu (popularly known as β€œChi Boy”) and 28-year-old Okechukwu Eze, residents of Ibadan, Oyo State, were suspected motorcycle hijackers. They were found in farmland where the motorcycle was located at the time.
One of the two suspects pulled out a short sword and the man ran for his life, Ganzalo said. To ensure the victim’s safety, we contacted Itoro’s So-Safe office and officials took immediate action.

Ganzallo further disclosed that the Ijebu Ode District Command Team led by ACC Marcus Ayankoya responded quickly and apprehended the suspects and protected the victims

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