The closing of closing of Mbaka’s Adoration to take effect today

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The Banning Of Mbaka’s Adoration Has Come To Effect Today.

The suspension of all the spiritual activities at the Fr. Mbaka’s adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria has taken effect today 19 June, 2022.

A visit to the scene by adadadreporters showed that the normal Sunday adoration which it’s manners of worshiping is like Wednesdays and Fridays adoration did not hold.

At the place of the worship, irrespective that it did not hold, some adoration worshippers were seen in the adoration ministry praying.

“Some of them were crying to God of adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria to intervene in this perilous time.

“What about the people that depend on this adoration to feed, what about the silk that normally come to prayers for healing.

“The closing of adoration Will have enormous effects on people a place downtrodden find comforts.

“Bishop Onaga, Mbaka is your son, if he has eared, forgive him. Use because of those paupers which are burden to church and retract your step.

At the time of filing this reports by 10 am, which is the time the Sunday masses use to start sometimes, Fr. Mbaka has not come out neither any Rev. Fr. or sign that adoration will hold was their except that adoration worshippers are trooping in.

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