Charles Ogbu React to the protest at Mbaka’s Adoration ground

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In my last update where I described Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria – AMEN as a BREEDING GROUND FOR M£NTAL ALMAJ!R!S, some people thought that was a bit harsh.

Now, please watch this short video by the BBC News Igbo of the Adoration people protesting TODAY, Sunday the 19th of June, 2022.

Watch people who are supposed to be Catholic, boldly calling their own Bishop a mad man and shouting “No more Onaga….No more Bishop….No more Catholic church”

Remember, they themselves are supposedly Catholics oooo. And remember, the last time these fanatics destr0yed the Bishop’s residence, Mbaka praised them and urged them to always look for their Priest whenever they can’t find him.

Catholic Diocese of Enugu owes it to both man and God to save these poor s0uls from further bra!n damage by sending Mbaka for training or mission work in a very very far away country, very removed from these m£ntal orphans.

Funny enough, more than 90% of the challenges/problems why these people sleep on Adoration ground can be easily sorted out by a responsible govt which Mbaka worked against when he PUBLICLY supported Buhari in 2015 and even in 2019. And this is why we all must go get our PVC and vote in a credible govt at all levels. I feel nothing but pity and sadness watching these INNOCENTLY ignorant victims of religi0us z0mbi-sm.

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