Laziness And Poverty Of The Mind Causes Begging.

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The increasing number of beggars in Enugu metropolis particularly at the front of Holy ghost cathedral has been attributed to laziness and poverty of the mind by the cross section of people in the area.

A visit to the area by Adadareporters Sunday evening showed that some of them are handicapped suffering from one sickness or the other but many of them are healthy but lazy.

From Holy ghost round about down to the front of the church you can count quite number of them sitting and waiting for those that will give them alms

Agnes John, is a woman with twins from Izzi in Ebonyi state, she said that she resorted to begging after giving birth to twins and could not take Care of them, as her husband is silk.

“My husband is silk he can’t work, somebody advised me to come to Enugu and beg that people do give poor people in Enugu money.

“Since I have come we have been able to feed ourselves. Asked why she has not find something to do she said that when she sees somebody that can help she would like to start something.

Another woman with a kid who look so healthy was asked why she is begging? She kept mute and did not talk to the reporter.

A driver with mini bus who ride from holy ghost to Ugwaji, said that many of those beggars are healthy only that they don’t want to work.

I blame people who dash them money. According to him, when you want to give, know that the person deserves it.

“Many of them are from Ebonyi state came here and be littering the street of Enugu you can’t see this type of thing in Abakaliki because of the highhandedness of their governor they see Enugu as a safe haven for that.

“People are also contributing to such ugly development. Sometimes you see people sharing thousands of naira to them, food and drinks and because they even make an amount of money some of us who are working don’t make you find out that they will not live begging.

“Some people who are giving are doing so based on what they where been told in the churches and house of native doctors to go and do sacrifice to the downtrodden so that they will get out of their problem.

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