Comedian Kiriku buys himself two Mercedes Benz worth millions of naira

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Enorense Victory, better known as Kiriku, has purchased two Mercedes Benz cars costing millions of naira.

The child star comedian revealed photos of his new whip on his Twitter page.

“God don do am,” Kiriku commented with photos of his new whip. “Double Double,” she says.

Kiruku recently celebrated gaining one million Instagram followers in his first year as a stand-up comedian.

To commemorate the occasion, the comedian gave out N100,000 to ten lucky admirers.

Enorense Victory, a comedian from Edo State, was born on December 17th, 2014. He is a mix of Bini and other tribes. A Nigerian comic actor whose comedy routines depict the street lifestyle and a variety of other bizarre stories that usually make audiences laugh.

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