September 29, 2023


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image!!!! The infamous “Monday Terror” thief was caught in Benue community.

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A suspected ‘Monday Terror’ thief has been arrested in Oju Autonomous District, Benue Province.
Patrick Gero Agida, a community member who disclosed the facts in a Facebook post on Friday, June 16, 2023, said the suspect robbed and displaced people due to the recent municipal crisis in a local administrative district. phone and other valuables. A notorious thief known as the “Terror of the Moon” was caught and arrested while undergoing a thorough investigation at the temple.

Also known as the ‘Council of Corrections’, the said temple and its agents are confident that they will not impose jungle justice on the general public.”

he wrote:

“He was caught prowling the homes of immigrants. Victims of the recent crisis between Ibilla and Oju communities have been stripped of money, phones and other valuables. Depending on the results of the preliminary investigation, you may have to turn her over to the police.

Maximum safety of life and property should be our common goal and can be achieved by our joint efforts. “Let’s not commit murder so that our society is stable.”

Photo: Sanctuary barbers show off their crime prevention and manicuring skills.

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