March 3, 2024


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“I’m not ashamed to sell Okrika” – actor Sylvester Madu replies the critics.

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Sylvester Madu addressed shocked moviegoers as he sold second-hand items popularly known as ‘okrika’.
A video was posted on social media on Friday showing the actor selling some very nice second-hand goods at the Enugu Market. In the video, which is now going viral, Madhu, dressed in a brown jacket, is seen talking to customers carrying multiple garment bags.
The video shocked Nigerians. Some expressed concern about the actor. Madhu responded to the viral video by saying that she is proud of my “business empire”, which includes many people selling different types of well-used items.
He also called on youths shocked by “my righteous business” to get a job and stop begging for £2,000 on social media. “Do your business legally, don’t let anyone go. Some say it’s really encouraging. If someone like me can run my business, why doesn’t he just sit at home and do nothing? Because there are many young Nigerians who have nothing to do at home.” “Some are just posting on social media, but guys, I need 2,000 urgently. Get out and work. If you can’t find a job, I’ll hire you. There are people selling for me in other places. “People say it’s just a legitimate business, which is embarrassing. How am I different from a market seller? Is it because I’m popular? Because I’m an actor or a celebrity? so? Don’t let me do business. Do you know how many sent me and will return? Say “support your business”. No, I’m hungry.

Looking at people’s obsession with substances in 2021, Madu said he once borrowed money to buy a BlackBerry to impress people.
Anambra born actors are known for their villainous roles in movies. He entered the film industry in 1998 and has received a lot of love so far. He appeared in hundreds of films.

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