September 29, 2023


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If you die today, your loved ones will not have access to your money – – – – Nigerians expose Nigerian banks

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A Nigerian identified as Ustaz has taken to social media to provide insight into the practices of several Nigerian banks related to inheriting cash from deceased bank account holders and next of kin role.
According to his revelations, the idea, widespread among Nigerians, that money from the accounts of the deceased is immediately passed on to relatives, is false and misleading.
Find out in detail what you need to know and do:

“BANKS ARE DOUBTFUL, be wise!” »
To be informed!!

THEN NEXT RELATIVE IS USELESS IN THE BANK. The real thing the bank needs is that if you die today, your “immediate family” will not have access to the money in your account!!!

So many Nigerians think that their loved ones are automatically heirs to their accounts.

But the TRUTH is that if your next of kin is not a signer on your account and you don’t have a written will establishing that person’s legitimacy, then that person has no access to that MONEY. Your bank must go through a process called “LEGAL PROBATE”.
This grace period allows them to determine who receives the MONEY in your account.

It is a very, very long and expensive process. 

Even after the whole process is completed, your FAMILY should withhold a very reasonable amount of MONEY for legal fees.
However, if you want to avoid this, all you have to do is ask your bank for a so-called POD form. POD stands for PAYABLE ON DEATH. The name of the person you fill out on this POD form determines who receives your MONEY.

All the person needs to bring is a death certificate to withdraw the money.
With a POD form, you save your FAMILY the stress of going through the long legal process and even losing money because of the law.
I just thought I should let you note this important information. please be smart

Many bankers have thrived on their hard-earned money. Hello everyone, I thank God for today and forever.

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