March 3, 2024


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I killed my girlfriend for burning rice – a murder suspect

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A 54-year-old murder suspect, Nkerueven Etuk, who allegedly beat his girlfriend to death a few days ago, has revealed that he did it because she accidentally burnt his food (rice) and almost burnt down their apartment. The suspect made the disclosure on Friday at the Cross River State Police Command during a parade. Etuk, who spoke with Vanguard, said he never intended to kill his girlfriend, Mrs. Esther Endrek, but did the despicable act out of anger.
He said: “I got more and more angry because she didn’t cook properly and it became a big argument between us, she almost brought the house down while cooking, old age didn’t fill enough water before turning on the gas, she almost brought the house down.” “When I asked her why she did that we got into an argument and then I hit her, I never meant to kill her, I’ve never had a serious problem with her in the last two years we’ve been dating.
“Unfortunately, our argument escalated and led to her tragic death after she fell to the ground during the fight. I never intended to kill her, I was just angry that she accidentally burned down someone’s house,” Etuk said. Maria Ude Nwachi X Vanguard

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