September 29, 2023


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I Just moved the car from Abuja to Delta – man who absconded with N55m Mercedes during test drive denies being a car thief!

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He said: “I am from Ugheli, Delta state but I live in Abuja. I am in the currency and exchange business. I have been doing this for seven years. I started like this when I was in high school. My business is located at Istanbul Airport in Turkey, so I shoot between Nigeria. I started there from 2021. I returned from Istanbul after the parliamentary elections in May.

On how he was arrested by the police, he said, “On July 6, after being followed by the police, I was arrested for stealing a car. I actually moved my car from Abuja to Delta State University. “The car wasn’t stolen, but it wasn’t mine either. Here’s the thing, I got the owner’s contact information (anonymously) from an online platform. He posted pictures of the car on the platform and sold it. When I called him to express my interest, he asked me to come and see the car. He also lives in Abuja and the place he invited me was Garki.
“I saw the car and it was priced at 58 million naira from an interested seller. I offered to pay 30 million Naira and he told me to take it for a test ride so I could know what price I was paying. He gave me the car keys and sat in the passenger seat

“When we got to the gas station, he pulled me over because he needed to buy fuel for the car. He asked me to wait so he could get money for fuel. I waited three hours for him to come back, but he was nowhere to be seen and I was already standing in a long line at the gas station. I called his phone several times but it was switched off. It was dusk at that time, and I was driving to my place of residence around eight in the evening. My phone was dead so I charged it when I got home and called him again. His line is down. “The next day I was driving Delta on a business trip. That same day I saw him put a picture of me on the internet and call me a car thief. His phone call came and he told me he had informed the police and they were tracking the car. It made me mad at him. too crazy I turned off his familiar line and started using my other line. “My uncle saw me driving the car and he asked me about it. I told him how the car came and he got angry and hit me. He said he wouldn’t let me drive but would report it to the police

“I ran away from him because he attacked me. I was eventually arrested in Benin, Edo State. I didn’t steal the car, I just drove through Delta from Abuja. If I were a car dealer I would find out how to get the car back. It will work,” he added.
Ladies and gentlemen, do you believe the story about the mover? 😞😞😆😆

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