March 3, 2024


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I agree with Bill Gates on the “Jappa” syndrome – – Peter Obi

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I have read and agree with Bill Gates’ recent description of the “japa” syndrome. He said the recent migration of Nigerian experts to greener pastures is good and beneficial to our country.
I have always preached and maintained that position during the ‘japa wave’. Over the years and during the last presidential campaign, especially during trips to Canada, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries,

I said, “Today’s brain drain will be tomorrow’s brain gain.” Nigerians leaving the country may seem like a waste today but if we start doing things right and take the leadership of the country seriously

Their knowledge and resources are essential to building a new Nigeria like China, India, Ireland and other developing countries.
Today, India has one of the largest engineering talent pools in the world and has produced some of the world’s best engineers and computer scientists. Many large international technology companies are led by Indian-American CEOs.
Thus, India’s success in the technology industry is partly due to the ability of diaspora Indians to leverage their knowledge and resources for the country’s growth. Nigeria will grow and develop in all respects, building a new Nigeria that prioritizes investment in education, health, support for small businesses, respect for the rule of law, security of life and property and national integration.
The Nigerian diaspora around the world will return home with global education, skills and resources that can contribute immeasurably to building a new and better Nigeria. We will not give up on our dream of a new Nigeria.

peter obi

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