Jackie Aina Apologises For Naming Candle ‘Sòrò Sókè’

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An American beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, Jacquelyn Aina, popularly known as Jackie Aina has apologised for naming candle product after the #EndSARS protest slogan, Sòrò Sókè.

Aina had been slammed by netizens especially on Twitter for using the slogan of the #EndSARS protest ’Sòrò Sókè’ for her gain.

The founder of FORVR Mood, on Thursday, released a line of scented candles with four different fragrances one of which was called ‘Sòrò Sókè’.

Nigerians called her out, saying it was insensitive and the slogan was not to be used for business purposes.

A popular Twitter user, Nerfertiti, said, “#EndSARS is a “collective struggle,” a good cause closer to home. It’s a marathon & no sprint. For reason, no one should appropriate the “EndSARS,” or “Soro Soke” for their own use. Not for business, books, nor for aesthetics. Those are sacred & should be reverred”.

Chidi Okereke, who thinks it was a PR stunt said “Would be hard to convince me she didn’t know this backlash would happen. She posted this in 2020, so she knew what soro soke means to us. Until proven otherwise, my position is that it was a PR stunt. Trigger. Apologise. Now wayyyy more people know her candles. Sick strategy ”

Another tweep, Etibaby said, “Jackie Aina naming one of her candles Soro Soke is the second most tone deaf crap I’ve seen all year. The first is the white woman naming her book Soro Soke. A mess”

Following this backlash, Sephora removed the products from its shelf and an apology was released on Jackie’s Instagram page.

The statement read, “Hello Everyone, As the brand owner of FORVR Mood, I understand our decision has severally hurt members of my Nigerian community with the naming of the candle, Sòrò Sókè. We missed the mark on this and it will never happen again”

“Empowerment and respect is the ethos of FORVR and that was unfortunately not properly conveyed in the naming of the candle. We accept full responsibility and I recognise the gravity of this error; to that effect, this candle will be pulled from the market and production immediately.”

“I apologize for the hurt this has caused and I thank you for holding us accountable.”

Source: Punch NewsPaper

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