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From inception “Igala” never existed as a kingdom as history has it now.

The Ata (Atah) dynasty of Ida (Idah) Chiefdom was established and formed by “Ane Buraak” people (Dwellers of Buraak Hill) in old Kwararafa Confederation.

The leader of the above group arrived Ida (Idah) and established Ata (Atah) Dynasty after conquering other original settlers in Idah like Igbos , including the largest of all the settlement then known as Adu settlement with its leader. Adu later became known as Ida (Idah).

The leader of the emigrants was a woman known as Ebelejonoh, who was installed as the first Ata (Atah) of Adu, now Ida (Idah).

She got married to the captured leader of Adu, the new conquered settlement and installed him as Ochi Adu, the head of Adu, now Ida (Idah).

As at this historical moment, there was nothing like Igala or Egbira and so, Ida dynasty remained a family throne of Ebelejonoh, whose descendants are the Abutu Eje’s descendants and at this time paid homage to Jukun kingdom up till the reign of Ayegba Oma Idoko, the Fourth Atta Ida (Idah) who gannered support from other minority groups as Ekpoto, Idoma and Iyagi and from neighbours as Benin and Eri people (Igbo), and fought to librate Ida (Idah)from Jukun.

After their victory at Ida-Jukun war, they returned with the new title of “Ata Igala”, in realization that the war was won by many tribes but segregatedly settled around Ida (Idah). The name Igala was derived from “Ega’ra” meaning “segregated people”.

In conclusion, Igala kingdom is comprised of segregated people; people with no common descent nor language. Since what Ata Ayegba Oma Idoko put together and called kingdom are “Ega’ra”; segregated people with different historical and linguistic origin.

There is Origin of Igala kingdom as it is known today.

Adapted from the Post by the Rising Sun History

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