Igala Native Names And Their Meaning

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1. Ocheje (Ocheja): One who would do something and would not deny, truthful person, trustworthy or honest one,

2. Idachaba : One who is doing something and still boasting that he is doing it, courageous man

3. Ocholi: Brave person

4. Ameh (Amueh): Powerful man, one who can defeat or capture you irrespective of your strength

5. Achimawo: Let us work more to add to the existing gain; a female child born when the parents have enough work (farming, fishing, trading) to do, a daughter of a hard working parents

6. Inah: He stopped by, he visits (Name of male child who dies after birth and suspected to have come back to be born again)

7. Okpanachi: A male child whose birth coincides with another blessings in the family such the father/mother getting new job, or promoted, etc opened doors

8. Odiba: Supporter, comforter, one to lean on

9. Enebi (Ene ubi): Supporter, comforter, hope 10. Oche: Son of a hunter or related works

11. Edibo: King’s guard or servant

12. Ebiloma: I prayed and got the child, Son of prayer result
13. Ochidi/Ochedi may have being the derivatives of O’chido (There is truth in) meaning trustworthy person, honest person

14. Idih is a variant of Iduh meaning he has won, one who defeats, warrior

15. Odoma: A male child born after settling down in a new settlement or location. It signifies that the settlement is good or will be good for them, hence is their location (Odoma de)

16. Ogaji: Champion in a gathering, son of a prominent person or king

17. Enemali (From Enemali ma tene amuna): The one who directs people on the right path, righteous child, honest person

18. Akoje: Unity

19. Ugbaje: God has answered, Has been answered or responded to

20. Ogb aje: God has answered, Has been answered or responded to
21. Ocheni:

22)Achimi- My cover.

23)Adaji-Stream clearer.

24)Adaji-River blocker, for catching fish.

25)Adaji-Spoil and no longer act.

26)Adama-Let’s come together.

27)Adebo-Chief priest of a shrine.

28)Adejo-We are all together.

29)Adegbe-Grass clearer/cutter.

30)Adukwu-A child born without hope of survival but later survived all odds.

31)Agefu-Sees heart.


33)Agude-Strong Person.

34)Ajanigo-Market has look.

35)Uchebo-A child born with a sack.


37)Ajuma-Female child born on Friday.

38)Aladi-Female child born on Sunday.

39)Laluba/Aluba- Female child born on Wednesday.

40)Alami-Female child born on Thursday.

41)Akoji-Representative, always given to

42) Ache- Name for female child born after his father’s death.

43)Abalaka- As we said/agreed.

44)Achimugwu- with
accordance to inheritance.

45)Aboh- To fine out.

46)Achagba- child is the bond between spouses.

47)Achegbulu- one always does things by force.

48)Achemu- Lamb producer.

49)Acheneje- A Cheater.

50)Achenyo- Good did.

51)Achonu- King maker.

52)Adaji- Stream clearer.


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